Scientific articles


 Project Publications

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  • David San Martin, Jone Ibarruri, Nagore Luengo, Jorge Ferrer, Aser García-Rodríguez, Idoia Goiri, Raquel Atxaerandio, Jaime Zufía, Estíbaliz Sáez de Cámara and Bruno Iñarra . Upcycled Evaluation of Valorisation Strategies to Improve Grape Stems’ Nutritional Value as an Ingredient for Ruminants’ Diets. Sustainability 2023, 15, 11951. .

  • H. A.F. Rahmy, Salma, N. El-Deen, Fatma, M. Abosamra, A. M. Khaled. The effect of adding fermented olive cake with and without herbal aromatic plants to broilers chicken diet. Egyptian J. Nutrition and Feeds 2023, 26(3), 411-418. 10.21608/EJNF.2023.332918.