Demonstration workshops


"A special effort will be made to demonstrate the potential of results to the food industries and to end users of ingredients". Three Demonstration Workshops in each case study region will be organized and one at Mediterranean level.
Join our Demonstration workshops and have the opportunity to explore the Newfeed ingredients as we showcase the potentials of Newfeed project's innovations, which contribute to addressing the challenges of food industry by-products and drive the way towards a more sustainable future!

Calendar of the Demonstration Workshops

  • March 21st 2024Mediterranean Demonstration workshop

    The Mediterranean Demonstration workshop will take place in March 21st, 2024 in the framework of World Rural Forum (Spain).
  • June 17th 2024Greek Demonstration workshop

    The 1st Demonstration workshop is planned to be held in June 17th, 2024 in Greece.
  • October 9th 2024Egyptian Demonstration workshop

    The 2nd Demonstration workshop is planned to be held in October 9th, 2024 in Egypt.
  • June 25th 2025Spanish Demonstration workshop

    The 3rd and final Demonstration workshop, is planned to be carried out in June 25th, 2025 in Spain.