Networking Webinar

Newfeed engaging with CIRCforBIO and FOLOU Projects

On May 13th, NEWFEED organized an engaging networking webinar, bringing together key representatives from the CIRCforBIO and FOLOU projects. This event aimed to foster discussions on innovative approaches in the valorization of organic waste, food loss, and food waste between representatives of similar EU-funded projects. The webinar featured insightful presentations from David San Martin (NEWFEED), Dimitris Malamis (CIRCforBIO), and Hector Barco (FOLOU), followed by interactive Q&A sessions.

Key Points Covered in the Webinar:

  1. Presentation of NewFeed: David San Martin provided an overview of the NEWFEED project and outlined its objectives.
  2. Presentation of CIRCforBIO project: Dr. Dimitris Malamis presented the LIFE CIRCforBIO project started in 2019, outlining its objectives and methodologies.
  3. Presentation of FOLOU project: Hector Barco shed light on the FOLOU project/ Horizon 2020 and their efforts to tackle food loss and waste.
  4. Interactive Q&A Sessions: The webinar concluded with interactive Q&A sessions, allowing participants to engage directly with the speakers.



Networking webinar

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Wasteless 2nd Newsletter

Newfeed was fetaured on Wasteless 2nd Newsletter

In December 2023, Wasteless, a pioneering project dedicated to measuring - monitoring and reducing FLW, released its second newsletter. The newsletter featured various elements, including a survey about the Knowledge Sharing Platform , updates on the Community of Practice, highlights from past events, and announcements for upcoming events. Notably, the newsletter introduced the collaboration between Wasteless and  NewFeed project, shedding light on its core objectives and vision.

Wasteless, with its commitment to developing tools and recommendations for measuring and monitoring food loss and waste, recognized the shared values and goals with NewFeed. Collaboration between projects that are closely aligned leads to a collective effort towards a more sustainable future.

Key Points Covered in the Wasteless Newsletter:

  1. Coordinator's update: project's developments and achievements until M12   
  2. Invited contributions: Reducing Food Loss and Waste
  3. Community of Practice: an online interactive environment which will foster the exchange of views between experts, debate on the best practices and promote collaboration and networking between all interested actors
  4. Knowledge Sharing Platform Questionnaire: To find what food actors expect from a KSP
  5. Networking Introduction of NewFeed: Wasteless dedicated a section to introduce NewFeed, outlining the project's main goals, vision, and collaboration strategy.
  6. Past Events: Highlights from previous events 
  7. Upcoming Event: a glimpse into an upcoming event, building anticipation for future collaborative initiatives.



Wasteless 2nd Newsletter

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